Dungeon Wars

Dungeon Wars

Dungeon Wars

Studio H Aksiyon

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Dungeon wars

Fall of Zhaitan! Guild Wars 2 - Arah Dungeon (Level 80)

Runescape God Wars Dungeon

There is no end to human greed.
Hunters greedy for the Jewel of the Devil were cursed and turned into cute little fairies.
A fateful battle to break the curse begins.

▶Hardcore shooting action defense RPG◀

1) Dominate the game!
- Complete the mission with three unique characters and overcome monsters and bullets pouring in every direction.
- Seize the stages that gradually become more difficult as you progress.
- Will you win or lose? Challenge the infinite dungeon with different charms on every stage.
- Complete tasks that offer a lot of rewards.

2) Keep growing!
- Develop eight types of stats and complete your character.
- Improve unique character skills
- Level up characters by using badges with various abilities.
- Build up the fairy that will help us.

3) An extreme challenge!
- Trust only yourself. Challenge the limit of control.

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